Why I Use Draft Horses

  • It is an Art Form or Craft that is learned & perfected over one’s lifetime.
  • They are an appropriate power source for my scale of farming.
  • The favorable economics that develop by using Draft Horses.
  • The relationship that develops between the horses and one’s self.
  • The ability to be totally involved with the process (hear & feel the texture of the soil while plowing, listening to the sounds of the mower which tells you the moisture content or ripeness of the crop, being able to watch and  listen to the horses, and determine how hard the work is. I could go on and on).
  • It is very satisfying to have a draft horse mare bred, then have her produce a foal which you will train as it grows up to be a working partner on your farm.
  • The pace or speed with which things get done is not so frantic; the horses set the pace and the rhythms at which things get done.
  • It is a true pleasure and very rewarding to work with such intelligent and trusting animals.
    Type we are striving to breed
    We are striving to breed a 16-1 to 17 hand horse that will, when he is fit, weigh between 1700 to 2000 lbs. He should be intelligent. He should be well balanced in form. His body depth should be ½ his height at his withers and he should have enough middle to carry his lunch. He should also have fairly short cannons and a good slope to his shoulder. He should also have a short back and be closely coupled between his last rib and his hip. His construction should be rugged with more than adequate bone. His feet should be solid and not weak shelled, flared or flat.  We are involved in breeding working Draft Horses. We have no interest in trying to make these animals into a light carriage, dressage or saddle horse.The old Ag Colleges (Fargo, North Dakota, Cornell, Penn State) etc. put a lot of money, time and effort into studying what type of work horse was best for the farm.  They all concluded that a 1600 to 1800 lb mare and a 1700 to 2000 lb gelding/stallion  that stood between 16-1 & 17 hands would:
  • Produce the most work without breaking down.
  • Convert feed the best.
  • Stay healthier.
  • Live longer.
  • Conceive & foal the easiest.
  • Get over more ground in a timely fashion.
  • Be the most economical power source for the farm.